Rain Day in Dawson

I have been rather remiss in keeping all of you out there informed.  First I should apologize to all of you who are my friends on facebook.  I don’t understand facebook….. that probably seems hard to believe.  So when I post on my blog it goes on facebook, otherwise I do not do facebook.  Please post on my blog or use the contact form on my website.

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OK so much for the housekeeping part!

Big news Kathy and I were married last October!  I finally found a keeper!  She is pretty brave!  Dawson’s dust is now mud!  That is only one of her patience tests…..

We have had some pretty cool thunder storms here in Dawson in the last couple of weeks.  Last night we had lightning and a down pour that knocked out the power in town.  The Drunken Goat restaurant (one of the nicer ones in town) where we we eating, was dark for part of our meal.

My cousin Gary is coming to visit tonight, and for a few days.  Jack and Georgia Hoffman stopped by our claim and invited us to their camp for dinner tomorrow night.  It is a surprise for Gary.  He is a fan of the Gold Rush show, so I am sure he will enjoy visiting the Hoffmans, Thurber and the rest of the gang at their camp.

In my last writings on here I spoke of our visit with Ron Feldman and his son Josh from Apache Junction Arizona.  We were watching TV one evening sometime after that and recognized Josh on the TV show Ice Cold Gold, filmed in Greenland of all places.  Ron had expressed an interest in coming to the Yukon to visit.  We have spoken a number of times on the phone since, and he may come visit next season.

We will have the assessment work done on the claims next season and are thinking of taking a summer or two off from the Yukon.  If any of you reading this wish to visit Dawson perhaps you might plan your trip for next season.  We get kind of lonely up here.  It is so remote and far away we don’t get many visitors.  We have friends here but they are so busy with the short season we have to wait for off season to spend time with them.

We enjoy showing people around the area including things most tourists don’t see.  So this is your chance for a local guide…..summers only!



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On our way north tomorrow!

We went to lunch with my good friend Dave!  He was wishing us a good trip north!  I think I have lost count now how many trips on the Alaska Highway I have made……  Last year we drove up the Cassiar Highway and came back the Alaska.  It was nice but we decided the high country on the Alaska Highway makes the trip more interesting.  There are often caribou and big horn sheep that way.

We are planning for a busy time in the gold fields this 2014 season.  It sounds like there will be a lot of action from the Gold Rush Show.  I spoke with Todd Hoffman a few times last winter but he tries not to tell me anything that would hurt the surprises!  I respect that idea and will not post anything I have learned from him or my friends in Dawson that could undermine the entertainment all of us get from the show!

We were even happier after we had pizza!

We were even happier after we had pizza!


Last mining season I met some of the miners from the Yukon Gold show.  I worked with Darwin some….what a character he is!

I emailed with Tim Coles last week.  He is mining my Upper Bonanza claims this year again.  He has been working out there since the first of April!  What hard working tough guy!  He said he was going to do our first cleanup of the season yesterday.  We will have gold waiting for us……nice!


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2013 a big season!

We made it back from Dawson and the gold fields a few days a go!  We had a great mining season!  We signed a lease, with a veteran local miner, on the Bonanza property.  His name is Tim Coles.

Tim and I agree he will mine Bonanza Creek!

Tim and I agree he will mine Bonanza Creek!

He is a very hard working smart operator.  With only 2 people he moves as much dirt as the Hoffman s did with how many?  He reclaims the property as he goes along as well, so I won’t have a mess later.  He has found areas that I was told were mined out that are untouched and have good gold!  We are quite happy to have Tim working on our property!  He is dedicated too…he is still there mining even though it is freezing at night!

Kathy thought she found gold!

Kathy thought she found gold!

It broke....not gold!

It broke….not gold!






Along with some gold he has dug up some tusks the largest was 90 pounds!

Tim is holding the first tusk he found!

Tim is holding the first tusk he found for us!

I wanted to post while I was up north but the internet connections are way to slow.  More soon!

This fox was a regular around camp....hunting mice!

This fox was a regular around camp….hunting mice!

Our first cleanup!

Our first cleanup!



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Off to the Yukon!

Kathy and I are loading up to head north to Alaska and the Yukon.  I think this will be my 20th trip on the Alaska Highway.  I always look forward to the trip.  It is a great road trip!  We plan to travel north on the Cassiar Highway which runs further west and has lower passes and is more remote than the Alaska Highway.  We came south on it last year and it was in pretty good condition.  It makes a nice contrast to the Alaska Highway scenery.

I am going to do some more drilling and dig a 25 foot deep hole to do some bulk sampling on the hilltop property beside Dawson.

Here are some pictures from our trip last year.P1020485 P1020531 P1020586

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Someone has to do it!  Kathy and I spent 8 days in Jamaica.  The resort was the Couples Negril, a wonderful well kept resort with friendly and professional people that made the stay a great experience.  My youngest son, Court, got married and invited his new wife’s family and us all to be there.  We had a great time, got to meet Deidre’s mother Denise and her step dad Frank.  It was pretty warm and humid but a nice change from Arizona.P1040980 P1050179 P1050217 P1050124  It was a joy spending a week with my ex-wife too???!!!  It really was not that bad…she was a good sport and I was on my best behavior for minutes on end!

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Prospecting in Arizona

Kathy and I enjoyed the desert near Kingman Arizona.  There were a lot of nice looking rocks, the  sky was blue and the air was dry!  We did some panning, metal detecting and scouting for valuable minerals.  The most we found were a few flakes, but that is how gold is located.  We located some very heavy lovely green colored rocks near Wikieup.   The green is copper.  Most of the copper mines in the area have some silver and gold along with the copper.P1040497

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Gold Rush….Todd Hoffman’s biggest blunder yet?

After speaking with Todd and Jack Hoffman at the party on the 28th of December, I came to believe they have no intention of mining our Ready Bullion-Upper Bonanza property.  It sounds like they are going to do something entirely different.  I believe they are making a huge mistake by not mining the Ready Bullion-Upper Bonanza property, because the values should be two or three times better than their Indian River claims and not as deep!

I have been planning on mining Upper Bonanza myself as I did quite well mining Ready Bullion creek in the 90s.  Even though my health and energy levels are good, I am thinking I may be old enough that 14 hour days and heavy work may be too much!  I was planning on working with the Hoffman’s on the property, offering my mining experience and enjoying the mining without doing all of the work myself!

I am now letting go of the idea to be directly involved.  This is a great opportunity for some miner!  Rich ground close to Dawson!

It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least.

If I would have had my water license early in 2011 they would have probably mined there and we would have all been much happier!  With the huge gold rush going on in the Yukon Territory, the mining recorder and water board were slammed, and still have a large back log.  Once the license was approved  the Hoffman’s were already committed to the Quartz and Indian river claims.

These are pictures of Upper Bonanza creek!

These are pictures of Upper Bonanza creek!


This past summer Todd and Jack looked at the property after I had some test holes dug.  The test results seem to support my thoughts of the values on the property.

I have had some interest from other people, but had been kind of holding back for Todd and Jack, since they have proven that they can get the gold….well at least Dave Tuirn can!

I am writing today to let you miners know that our Ready Bullion and Upper Bonanza claims are available for lease or purchase.  We are asking $600,000 cash, half down and 5% royalty, or 10% royalty for a miner experienced in the area.  I have more details and contact email at klondikesteve.com

I am looking forward to see what Todd and Jack do next.  I am sure it will be entertaining!  I continue to be a big fan of theirs and Gold Rush!


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