Shameless plug!

My daughter in-law recently made a short documentary that was shown in Portland at the Mission theater.  The subject was about our experiences mining in Alaska in 1983.  She assured me that no Danielsons were shown in a bad light-heavy editing-thank you Terri!

She emailed me that Alaska public had put it on their web site.  You may look at it if you wish.  Even though her husband is probably the hero of the piece, it is still a plug for klondikesteve!  Ha!

“Here is a link to where the Alaska Gold Rush video is posted.  Note another shameless promotion of Klondike Steve.




Nothing like a family with a sense of humor!



About moregold1

I have been involved with mining and related industries, since about 1982. My father liked prospecting, so my brothers and I went on a number of prospecting adventures, when we were young. I first visited Alaska in 1982, then mined there in 1983. I have been involved in different ways with mining in Oregon, California, Nevada, Guyana South America, and of course The Yukon Territory.
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One Response to Shameless plug!

  1. Jay Spady says:

    Yep, still a plug for the RIGHT GUY! 🙂

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