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I think I understood correctly…..I don’t get facebook……Jay Spady is going to be in Skagway Alaska next month.  We will be headed south by then.  When in Skagway don’t miss an opportunity to ride the White Pass Railway.  It is an historic narrow gauge railway that takes you from tide water into the the majestic mountains on the boarder of Alaska and British Columbia.  The railroad had been the way to get to Whitehorse.  Then a stern wheeler would take you the rest of the way to Dawson up

Train station Frazer BC

Train station Frazer BC

until 1957 when the Klondike highway was built. The gold ruhsers of 1898 hiked over the White Pass trail.  There is also a tour that takes you to the top of the pass where you can ride bikes down….15% grade….hee-ha!


About moregold1

I have been involved with mining and related industries, since about 1982. My father liked prospecting, so my brothers and I went on a number of prospecting adventures, when we were young. I first visited Alaska in 1982, then mined there in 1983. I have been involved in different ways with mining in Oregon, California, Nevada, Guyana South America, and of course The Yukon Territory.
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