Gary came to visit

We showed Gary around the claims and other mines, we did some drilling, he is now an expert gold panner, then to Gertie’s to celebrate.  He could have had a sour toe cocktail, but I guess he didn’t want to celebrate that much.  Gary’s and my aunt Nellie asked if rain would keep us from our claims.  We have to ford Bonanza Creek to our hill top claims and high water can keep us from them.  We choose not to operate the machinery in the mud because it just makes a terrible mess.  Once we get down to gravel it is not so bad.  If anybody out there wants to visit the Yukon, send me an email or comment here.  I don’t do facebook other than through my blog.P1010110 P1010109 P1010123 P1010174


About moregold1

I have been involved with mining and related industries, since about 1982. My father liked prospecting, so my brothers and I went on a number of prospecting adventures, when we were young. I first visited Alaska in 1982, then mined there in 1983. I have been involved in different ways with mining in Oregon, California, Nevada, Guyana South America, and of course The Yukon Territory.
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4 Responses to Gary came to visit

  1. Gary says:

    Yes, I had a wonderful time at Dawson City. Steve and Kathy fed and treated me to the Grand Tour. I will say it didn’t take much to get Gold fever. As soon as Steve picked me up he took me out to his claim where they are camped. (now I want to say I am no expert in this Gold thing so my comments are for entertainment only) Steve got me going with a pan right away (new experience for me) first thing I did wrong was not shaking the pan steep enough to get the gravel out, I got over that and soon discovered a couple of huge nuggets, (I learned that they were only pickers and dust) didn’t matter I had Gold Fever. Steve and Kathy surprised me with a trip to the Hoffman’s for a look see and supper. The Hoffman’s were doing there daily clean out and there was more Gold than I had ever seen, raising the fever. Had a visit with one of Klondike Steve’s long time Dawson City friends all of a sudden I found a napkin that felt like Lead but when I unwrapped it it was that shiny Gold, it was gorgeous, increasing my case of Gold Fever. A couple of days latter Steve, Kathy and his friends took me to Gerties and by that time Gold Fever had affected my judgement, as soon as that pretty dancing girl grabbed my hand I jumped up and went right up on the stage and put on clothes, I wouldn’t be caught dead in, and proceeded to be entertainment for the crowd.
    I must say I had a GREAT Time and would recommend a visit. But I want to warn you about that Gold Fever.

    Thank you Klondike Steve and Kathy

    Gary Carr

  2. moregold1 says:

    You write pretty good for a guy that wears a dress on occasion!



  3. Frank Keffer says:

    The pictures are a convincing argument for us to get hold of you guys and venture way up north some day … wish we didn’t have so many summer chores to take care of here back east this year. Looks like you were having fun.

  4. moregold1 says:

    Gary was a very good sport and we did have a nice time while he was here. We would welcome a chance to show you around. It is so far away we don’t get many visitors.


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