2016 season start

We are having a rain day in Dawson.  A good day for a shower and laundry.  Those two things are events in Dawson!  I don’t think any of us around here smell like pretty flowers…..

I bought a new toy for the mine site.  I’m going to dig a REALLY big hole.  I bought a 300 Komatsu excavator it weighs about 70,000 lbs. and has a 6 foot wide bucket.  I bought it at an auction in Edmonton Alberta.  It is a 2006 but it looks nice and seems to work well so far!!!

We saw bears, big horn sheep and bison on our drive from Washington.  It was a nice drive although we stayed in Fort Nelson for a day waiting for them to clear the snow off the pass over the Rocky Mountains.

We have not been able to get to one mine site this season because of high water.  We ford Bonanza creek to get up to that site.  Bonanza creek is now a river……we will wait!

Several people said they wanted to come visit this season, but each has canceled.  If anyone wishes to visit and have a guide in the Dawson area you are invitedP1020145 20160519_193400P1020136.  We currently have plans to return to Washington around the first of August this year.

Sorry about the blurry ram.  I was doing driver stuff at the same time!

Kathy continues to be a great helper, best friend and my love!  Yeh!  Really cool!


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Test Post for Publish to FB & Twitter

This is just a test!

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Don’t miss

I think I understood correctly…..I don’t get facebook……Jay Spady is going to be in Skagway Alaska next month.  We will be headed south by then.  When in Skagway don’t miss an opportunity to ride the White Pass Railway.  It is an historic narrow gauge railway that takes you from tide water into the the majestic mountains on the boarder of Alaska and British Columbia.  The railroad had been the way to get to Whitehorse.  Then a stern wheeler would take you the rest of the way to Dawson up

Train station Frazer BC

Train station Frazer BC

until 1957 when the Klondike highway was built. The gold ruhsers of 1898 hiked over the White Pass trail.  There is also a tour that takes you to the top of the pass where you can ride bikes down….15% grade….hee-ha!

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Touring Dawson

I have lived in Dawson many summers so I know interesting places to see that most visitors don’t see.  We took Gary to the stern wheeler grave yard and several mines.P1010144

Schmidt Mining's Quartz Creek mine

Schmidt Mining’s Quartz Creek mine


A smaller operation on Quartz Creek

A smaller operation on Quartz Creek

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Ready Bullion pay found

While Gary was visiting our Upper Bonanza claims I let him run the dozer a bit.  He found that digging permafrost is impossible.   I had been pushing a bit of thawed mud off every few days all summer.  About 100 feet behind the dozer in this picture I finally got through the ice and mud and found some of Ready Bullion Creeks pay gravel.  It is not an easy thing as it is covered by many feet of frozen muck.  I guess that has kept it safe for all these years.  I am pretty excited to mine it!  This years season is finished so it will need to remain hidden for another year!P1010150

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We are headed out to the creeks

We are going out to our Bonanza creek claims to drill some.  We will be coming back early today for the miners barbecue.  I saw something from Francine Cox.  She lives in Tok Alaska apparently.  We are practically neighbors.  We should visit.  Tok is only 180 miles over the Top of The World highway.  We are only in Dawson for the summers and the highway is closed for winter. We will be here only a couple more weeks then south.  We were to Anchorage and Tok this summer for parts.  The name highway is an exaggeration.  It is a narrow dirt road much of the way.  We stopped in beautiful down town Chicken for Rocket, Kathy’s dog, to do the chicken dance.P1010035 P1010053P1010053

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Gary came to visit

We showed Gary around the claims and other mines, we did some drilling, he is now an expert gold panner, then to Gertie’s to celebrate.  He could have had a sour toe cocktail, but I guess he didn’t want to celebrate that much.  Gary’s and my aunt Nellie asked if rain would keep us from our claims.  We have to ford Bonanza Creek to our hill top claims and high water can keep us from them.  We choose not to operate the machinery in the mud because it just makes a terrible mess.  Once we get down to gravel it is not so bad.  If anybody out there wants to visit the Yukon, send me an email or comment here.  I don’t do facebook other than through my blog.P1010110 P1010109 P1010123 P1010174

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