Rain Day in Dawson

I have been rather remiss in keeping all of you out there informed.  First I should apologize to all of you who are my friends on facebook.  I don’t understand facebook….. that probably seems hard to believe.  So when I post on my blog it goes on facebook, otherwise I do not do facebook.  Please post on my blog or use the contact form on my website.

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OK so much for the housekeeping part!

Big news Kathy and I were married last October!  I finally found a keeper!  She is pretty brave!  Dawson’s dust is now mud!  That is only one of her patience tests…..

We have had some pretty cool thunder storms here in Dawson in the last couple of weeks.  Last night we had lightning and a down pour that knocked out the power in town.  The Drunken Goat restaurant (one of the nicer ones in town) where we we eating, was dark for part of our meal.

My cousin Gary is coming to visit tonight, and for a few days.  Jack and Georgia Hoffman stopped by our claim and invited us to their camp for dinner tomorrow night.  It is a surprise for Gary.  He is a fan of the Gold Rush show, so I am sure he will enjoy visiting the Hoffmans, Thurber and the rest of the gang at their camp.

In my last writings on here I spoke of our visit with Ron Feldman and his son Josh from Apache Junction Arizona.  We were watching TV one evening sometime after that and recognized Josh on the TV show Ice Cold Gold, filmed in Greenland of all places.  Ron had expressed an interest in coming to the Yukon to visit.  We have spoken a number of times on the phone since, and he may come visit next season.

We will have the assessment work done on the claims next season and are thinking of taking a summer or two off from the Yukon.  If any of you reading this wish to visit Dawson perhaps you might plan your trip for next season.  We get kind of lonely up here.  It is so remote and far away we don’t get many visitors.  We have friends here but they are so busy with the short season we have to wait for off season to spend time with them.

We enjoy showing people around the area including things most tourists don’t see.  So this is your chance for a local guide…..summers only!




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I have been involved with mining and related industries, since about 1982. My father liked prospecting, so my brothers and I went on a number of prospecting adventures, when we were young. I first visited Alaska in 1982, then mined there in 1983. I have been involved in different ways with mining in Oregon, California, Nevada, Guyana South America, and of course The Yukon Territory.
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