Waiting for test results!

I t has been a nice warm winter so far here in Arizona.  It has been in the 80s most days with nights a little cooler.  We are now beside the Superstition Mountains, I decided the RV park we are in is probably paved with gold bearing gravel!  My delusion …I can see it how I wish!

We washed about a ton of material a day out west of Phoenix and are now waiting for test results.  We saw very little gold, so we don’t really know if there is any value there.

Tom Hubbard, his wife Kathy and their daughter Annie came out and helped shovel and camped with us.  We had a great time with them and their help was much appreciated.  Annie and I are are probably fairly close to the same mental age….she is 11. P1030284



About moregold1

I have been involved with mining and related industries, since about 1982. My father liked prospecting, so my brothers and I went on a number of prospecting adventures, when we were young. I first visited Alaska in 1982, then mined there in 1983. I have been involved in different ways with mining in Oregon, California, Nevada, Guyana South America, and of course The Yukon Territory.
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